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Newest Best Selling Christian Novels of 2012

September 13th, 2012 by

One of the most respected awards in the spiritual publishing industry is the Christian Book Awards. Awards honor quality in content, literary excellence and significance to one of the six categories represented. Here are some of the best-selling novels of 2012 represented in the fiction category.

Freedom’s Stand, by Jeanette Windle
After Jamil is faced with a message from Jesus Christ, he renounces a life of jihad, only to have the people of his Afghanistan village respond with suspicion and violence. Amy is a relief worker and concerned about the women and children in her care.Want more? Click here Steve is a former special forces veteran faced with the riots of Kabul’s election. All three are on a journey in a country of religious and political injustice, searching for freedom and love.

The Touch, by Randall Wallace
Andrew Jones is a surgeon with a blessed ability to heal. After he fails to save his fianc he rejects his gift. A close friendship with Lara Blair helps him rediscover his healing gift.

The Reluctant Prophet, by Nancy Rue
Allison Chamberlain is 40-something when she decides to by a Harley motorcycle and travel wherever it takes her. Suddenly she is in the shadiest corners of humanity with the heartache of the poor discovering that healing comes through the voice of God.

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