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Never Fear, Books to Guide through Teenage Years

September 10th, 2012 by

The world of literature has been used for centuries to tell stories, but in more recent decades books and literature have been used to guide people through difficult and trying times. There are few times more trying for the parent/child relationship than the teenage years, but fear not, because there are books to help at every turn.

“Age of Opportunity”, for example is a book written in guide form to help parents navigate the rebellious teen years with their child and to help their teenager grow into an active, moral adult. The book covers everything from the psychology behind rebellion and the ways to stave it off.Want more? Click here

“Getting to Calm” is another example of a book that covers the problems many parents face with their teens. Manipulation, moodiness, lying and rebellious behavior are all common themes through the teen years, but many of these books, including “Getting to Calm” touch on how to plan strategical against these undesirable traits.

There are many, many more books available today to parents and teens alike as a resource. Navigating the teen world isn’t easy. It can pit parent against child and child against themselves as parents struggle to hold on while a child yearns to become independent. Books, guides and resources are the first stop in truly understanding the difficult period.

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