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How They Do It? Learn About Popular Authors

September 4th, 2012 by admin

To become a popular author, a person must take on the mantle of an author by writing a manuscript – fiction, nonfiction, essay or short story. An author must be able to present who, what, where and why enquiring minds want to know about.

A good author fleshes out characters with vivid description of their apparel and attitude, as well as makes the reader feel the heat, cold or deluge of the surrounding environment. The reader is a part of the finished work, bringing their attitude and mores into play determining what is good or bad, tolerable or outstanding.

Popular authors over the ages have been interviewed and polled to determine what it takes to be successful writer. Authors responded with a description of a routine that worked best for them, with a majority stating they rarely drifted from the routine.

Popular authors are voracious readers. They read books, magazines and newspapers to be familiar with current topics and trends as well as for relaxation. Most authors listen to music ranging from classical to head-banging heavy metal for inspiration and relaxation. Popular authors also like to start and stop and the same time each day. They treated their writing time as being on the job with regular breaks for exercise and nourishment.

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